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Wendy from Wendy’s Weddings

May 6, 2011terence

We have finalized the main character for Wendy’s Wedding, the game we are working on for iOS and Mac (and perhaps Android in the near future).

The original concept had Wendy being more business-like but some of the comments we got back were that she was a bit too scary to buy Wedding Dress from. We wanted Wendy to be a young experienced designer who has struck out on her own to setup a Bridal Gown shop, confident but not scary.

We have also the following locations the player can setup a Bridal Shop in. The rain forests of Borneo, Exciting Shanghai, Mystical Delhi,Paris:City for Lovers,London:Will & Kate just got married, Venice:  Love on a Gondola,Myknonos,Cape Town,Rio and Las Vegas.

We hope to have the game out in about 3 months. Our prior post talk more about Wendy’s Weddings(http://bit.ly/fjF1P9). In a strange twist of fate, our Lead Designer is getting married so hopefully the game will be out on time;P