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Meta 2 Dev Kit

December 27, 2016terence

I’m fairly excited as I just placed a pre-order for the Meta 2 Augmented Reality Dev Kit. From the videos, it seem pretty impressive being able to provide a large viewing angle of 90 degrees. It also tracks finger gestures which is pretty cool. All of it runs with Unity so implementation should be easy. Thinking of AR solitaire as a good first project.

War Mongrel Gameplay Feedback

December 26, 2016terence

We are looking for Gameplay feedback on our game War Mongrel. It is a real-time tactical mech squad game for Tablets. Right now we have a version for iOS and Android.

Here is a video of the Gameplay:

Here is a quick start guide:

You can get updated on our Facebook page:

Here is the link to our Android APK:

For the iOS version, send and email to testwar@bigbadrobots with your Testflight email. We look forward to hearing from you.