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Designing an Achievement system for Last Call

October 16, 2010terence

After I got all the technical “bits” of Game Center working for the Leaderboard and Achievement System for Last Call, it came time to design an achievement system for the game. As soon as I started with it, I found out that it was a lot more complex then what I initially imagined.

From the technical standpoint, an achievement system gets into all parts of your code from the scoring system and level progression to the power-ups. It’s bewildering everywhere and QA testing it is going to be a bitch.

From the design standpoint, I can’t wrap my head around what other than ‘wow! I finished that” you get from an achievement system. Other games give you a virtual reward but right now I balancing out my potential rewards with what additional content I can scrape together (or beg borrow and steal). Here are some examples of some achievement I am thinking of implementing:

Story Mode:

  • Finish story mode
  • Clear 10,20,40,80 customers
  • Purchase all bar upgrades
  • Purchase all flair upgrades
  • Purchase all drink upgrades
  • 3FER 1,5,10,20,40,80 (3 same drinks in a row)
  • 4FER 1,5,10,20,40,80 (4 same drinks in a row)
  • 5FER 1,5,10,20,40,80 (5 same drinks in a row)
  • Money Achievement (200,400,800,1600,3200)
  • Flairless finish (Don’t use any special powerups)


  • Time achievements (1 minutes, 2 minutes, 5 minutest 8 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes)
  • Play X minutes without losing a customer (30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 minutes, 4 minutes)

There are a mind-boggling more that I could implement. Yikes! There must be a dancing monkey in this some where.

More drunken Game Development…

August 22, 2010terence

A new version of our Game Last Call:for alcohol is on the App Store.

Here is the app store link if you don’t know about it;P

Yes we did think a lot of this game while drinking so  but I did a few updates to add more polish and fun. I know it seems obvious but here are a couple of pointers for developing on the iPhone:

  • Make clickable option/text/UI reactive. Player with fat finger want to know they have clicked something, and sometimes they and their pudgy little paws tap wrongly and the game just sits there ..Curses your users will say, this game sucks!
  • Test it on as many version of the iPhone you can get your hands on. A game that runs fine on the 3GS ┬áruns terrible on a 3G (which I happened to finally get access to when my sister was around). None of my testers every told me so and they probably won’t.
  • When you are loading something and it take a while..tell them so by displaying the word “Loading..” or have a progress bar…Curses! this game sucks it’s hung!
  • It’s never to late to make your game better
  • Marketing your game is a good idea (yes you can get all the sympathy buys and buys for people off Facebook/Twitter you like) but actually putting your butt out there and pushing your game is a good idea
  • There is a such a thing as bad marketing…make sure you are ready with Press Releases
  • Add social add-ons…researching OpenFeint now;P