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Android NDK 1.6 release 1

October 6, 2009terence

I was checking the Google Android site and noticed that the Native Development Kit release 1 is out. The exciting part of this release, is that now we can natively write games in C++ with access to the OpenGL ES 1.1 api. This should mean that we can start looking at developing proper games on this platform. This will also mean, that I will need to figure out how to get xPhone to start compiling against the NDK. Unlike my research into Windows Mobile and it’s broken Graphics API support at this time,  this means working with a 3D API versus having to support Direct Draw.

Still need to poke around it more. The bad part will probably be working via Eclipse to get things done. I already have to use 2 other IDE’s (Visual Studio and Xcode) and so a third is fairly unproductive.