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Back to Game Development…Cocos2D…packaging games…

February 18, 2011terence

After a fair brief stint of working on a Native Objective C App (A Non-Game…Shock and Horror), I am finally back to working on games. The 2 or so months I spent ‘learning’ Objective C was actually a nice break from normal development and gave me a greater sense of confidence in being able to add/extend functionality when need to on  iOS devices. Prior to that I was very much looking at things purely from a C++ point of view and trying to ‘avoid’ using any Objective C.

The best big of strangeness was making sure I got my head wrapped around Objective C memory management. With C++ it was new/delete and life was easy or you could use Boost to smart ptrs and so on. With Objective C, I couldn’t figure out why my memory was going out of scope (Oh you do a retain), the way it handles private instance variables  and a hours of going “Oh that’s what you want me to do”.

Some cheesy fries with please

Now i’m back to Game Development, I am using Cocos2D for development. The biggest reason is to keep the footprint small because I am looking at how games instead of strictly always running stand alone can be packaged with other Non-Game Apps.

What I learnt from Last Call, is that there is just too many games out there on the iTunes. They are all fighting for space and customers simply don’t have the time to try them all. With this is mind (and being the new year and all), I thought a more prudent approach was to look at what customers are interested in first of all. You know real people, you want to reach with your games. For example interests such as food, fashion, cars, sports etc all need Apps done. With In-App purchase you could package a game with a clothing theme in a Fashion App.

Well that’s what I think anyways. I’ll let you know how this new company strategy when the Apps come out.

Open Web Asia

July 15, 2010terence

Open Web Asia was an experience in the duality of the Internet. It was great to meet some new and old friends again. Talk to some of the people on what they were doing. It was of course filled with “Internet” personalities and the bullshit level was tolerable for this type of conference. There was real substance here. In Malaysia, you always get the feeling of us not quite being there yet. We have small portion of really great people surrounded by vast ocean of mediocrity. We tend to want to portray ourself as hip and happening (which is true, from my experience I’ve always found Malaysians more inventive and creative) but it always seems like …like  a flash in the pants..

Old money and older people trying to understand a rapidly changing world of infinite connect-ability with the same dog and pony show thrown into the mix counterpointed with a younger crowd of people born to handphone, twitter et al..

Still, I won a Netbook..now having Ubuntu LTS installed…met some interesting people..and the food was decent..I do wish however that I could meet more developers..

Bob Borchers on Innovation

June 8, 2010terence

I feign ignorance on all things Apple. I may have a Mac Book Pro and  an iPhone , though I may think they are cool nifty gadgets I doubt very much that I am a fanboy. So when Bob came to town, I decided to find out “Who” this Bob was.

The crowd was a mix of entrepreneurs and corporate types. You can tell the difference, the corporate types  were dressed in their suits while the entrepreneurs were in jeans. Well most of them, except the entrepreneurs who have made it. Mingling not being my strong point, I sat down and proceeded to work out some outstanding bugs in the current build of Adventure. After the traditional introductions came Bob’s talk.

So Bob’s talk broke down into:

  1. Don’t have to be the first or the best
  2. Change the rules
  3. Give an obvious benefit to your customers
  4. Keep innovating and compete against yourself

Fairly general commentary, fairly useful…You know in the “Hmmmmm……” kinda way. What was interesting was the mix of people and the general undercurrent about how risk adverse local investors are. I think it’s a pretty regional feeling and the only people willing to put up risk capital are governments. However with Malaysia budget deficient, I doubt we will see less “money” being thrown out.

Private investors only want to “cash in” after you have made some money and “want to expand”. Still I can’t say that is the worse problem here in Malaysia. I think just finding capable people to work with is far harder especially complementary skillsets. I’m still looking for a Art director type person, a financial person and a marketing person in no particular order.

I leave you with iPhone Bob: