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Open Web Asia

July 15, 2010terence

Open Web Asia was an experience in the duality of the Internet. It was great to meet some new and old friends again. Talk to some of the people on what they were doing. It was of course filled with “Internet” personalities and the bullshit level was tolerable for this type of conference. There was real substance here. In Malaysia, you always get the feeling of us not quite being there yet. We have small portion of really great people surrounded by vast ocean of mediocrity. We tend to want to portray ourself as hip and happening (which is true, from my experience I’ve always found Malaysians more inventive and creative) but it always seems like …likeĀ  a flash in the pants..

Old money and older people trying to understand a rapidly changing world of infinite connect-ability with the same dog and pony show thrown into the mix counterpointed with a younger crowd of people born to handphone, twitter et al..

Still, I won a Netbook..now having Ubuntu LTS installed…met some interesting people..and the food was decent..I do wish however that I could meet more developers..