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Trying out Xamarin for some iOS and Cross Platform Development

October 28, 2013terence

Now that I am looking at developing an App rather than a game, I have been evaluating using something that allows me to go cross platform and still keep a common code base. I would also like to leverage on my C# since I do a lot of work in Unity but don’t want the Unity overheads. I have been trying Xamarin(www.xamarin.com) for a few weeks but I am finding many issues on the reliability of the development pipeline. Overall the idea is fairly simple, C# integrates through hooks and callbacks to native UI mostly through generated templates. Maybe it’s just because everything is in transition to iOS 7 but there are too many instances where the generated templates don’t work or when running in the simulator against XCode 5, it junks hangs up.

While still keen on getting it running, I may fall back to writing native for the first iteration of my prototype App. I’m going to re-install Xcode 4 and see if it ‘fixes’ anything.